Frequently Asked Questions

If I appoint a PCO to manage my project will I still be involved in decision-making? I am concerned I will lose control of my event.

ICMS Australasia appreciates these concerns and will take the following steps to ensure that you and your organising body are involved in decision-making:

  • We hold regular planning meetings with your organising body
  • Action plans are produced following each committee meeting
  • We provide regular detailed statistical reports to your organising body
  • You are allocated a dedicated conference management team who will liaise with you
  • All ICMS Australasia staff are accessible and ready to assist you
We are experts in our field and have been working on this project for some time. How can we be sure that a PCO will share our organisation’s values, passion and enthusiasm for this event?
Experience has shown us that for any event to be a success it must be the result of a passionate and dedicated team approach. ICMS Australasia realises that every event is different and therefore treats each client with a fresh attitude. We will take time to listen and gain an understanding of your industry and of what you are hoping to achieve. By identifying your concerns and needs we will be able to share your passion and work with you to make your project a success.
How can I be assured that I am receiving value for money?
ICMS Australasia has over 54-years industry experience and is the industry leader in the management of meetings. We believe that true value for money is assessed by the level of service you receive. By providing highly skilled, professional and caring staff to the coordination and management of your project we guarantee value for money. This coupled with the fact that you are included in all financial decisions ensures you have maximum control.