2021 was a year that allowed us to build on the foundations of the strategies we developed in 2020 and to deliver some extraordinary outcomes. For our clients this involved either the delivery of in-person, hybrid or virtual events. The serendipity of meeting in-person again was a highlight achieved for the participants at these events. The success story of virtual events being able to assure greater reach, remain connected and to share learnings across a variety of sectors was significant. The efforts for those on the organising side to promote engagement and to achieve legacy goals was outstanding. We are living in a pandemic world and the acceptance and drive to incorporate the best of hybrid and virtual offerings will help us all reap the advantages in the future.

I am passionate about the benefits of in-person conferences, but I was an early convert to virtual conferences too. It has the ability to encourage us to think more creatively about content and engagement methods. The target audience for our events has been expanded too, with the early career researcher and student the key focus here. For many in the association market these participants are part of their future, so it is key that they see the benefits of these conferences delivering return on investment for them.

At ICMSA our core strength lies in our decades of experience in dealing with crises that can affect the business events industry. In recognition of our ability to deliver conferences in these challenging times ICMSA were awarded the National Association Event of the Year for our work with the University of Melbourne’s Medical Student Virtual Conference and the Regional Event of the Year for our work with the Association of School Business Administrators.

The ICMSA forward calendar is in an extremely strong position with pipeline work that ensures our stability. In 2022, we have 18 confirmed conferences hosting over 20,000 delegates and 13 conferences thus far from 2023. Our average tenure of staff is eight years, which provides a level of consistency, stability and knowledge-transfer that is unparalleled in our industry. ICMSA has retained all staff in pre-COVID conditions and in 2022 we added five new members to the team. This means we are ready to service, at full capacity.

As I look back on 2021 I do so with admiration for all that we have achieved. As I look forward to 2022, I do so with anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Bowyer
Managing Director
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