A New Year heralds a new beginning and the promise that the new start brings can be liberating. I’m very keen to keep all the things that made us stand out last year. That means mastering all things virtual, staying up-to date with current events, both nationally and internationally, exceeding targets for delegate numbers and sponsorship and exhibition income. It also involves keeping our clients well-informed to make decisions. As I write this, we have over 40 events confirmed in the pipeline. That’s going to ensure we stay busy and focused.

Last year was great for showcasing our strengths. We developed blueprints (and put into place) events which were both virtual and hybrid by nature. The opportunity this presented our clients was significant. Greater reach, connectedness to markets that were untapped, an important source of revenue streams as well as achieving legacy goals, was outstanding. We are living in a pandemic world and the sooner we put measures in place to respond, adapt and thrive the better for us all.

I am passionate about the benefits of face-to-face, but I was an early convert to virtual too. It has the ability, when done well, to expand the message. Whether that be for younger students, core members of associations and retirees, the ability to learn and exchange knowledge is vital to the success of our industry. As someone recently told me, we’re in the communication industry, not the business events industry. If we can change our mindset to this, then the rest, through planning, can be achieved. An assured partner will take on the journey with you.

2021 marks 55 years of ICMS Australasia. As a business owner of such a well-reputed company I’m acutely aware that we’re only as good as our last event and our history of contribution is a track record to be proud of. I’ll be relying on these two things as we head into 2021 and what we shape. I believe I have the best team to support these goals and am very proud that we remain together, committed and united. That’s the promise ICMS Australasia can deliver.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Bowyer
Managing Director
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