The global pandemic has brought with it a range of new tools for successfully delivering virtual meetings. But in our experience these new tools are not a one size fits all solution.

ICMSA delivered over one dozen virtual meetings between March 2020 and July 2021 utilising a variety of platforms that were best suited to each group. In some instances we adapted a number of virtual conferencing tools to specific parts of the one event.

The largest and most complex was the 43rd Committee on Space Research Scientific Assembly for 2,063 attendees with 2000 scientific presentations across 615 sessions. Held over six days, with AM and PM sessions implemented to manage multiple timezones, the challenges were complex but the outcomes rewarding for attendees and the client.

Analytics recorded a 99.8 percent online attendee engagement, 5,283 presentation downloads, 1,500 individual delegate interactions and a budget surplus for the client.

ICMSA can discuss with you your goals for your virtual meeting and will provide the best solution to achieve your specific outcomes.