Minimising the Ecological Footprint of meetings and events

ICMS Australasia is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of meetings and events and to do so can adopt a range of innovative green practices and supporting sustainable procurement.

These include:

  • Selecting local suppliers to ensure the products sourced and supplied are environmentally conscious, locally produced, recycled or reused.
  • Using venues that have a sustainability policy.
  • Selecting local produce for catering. Unused food and beverages to be donated to a charitable food organisation.
  • For the exhibition, using recyclable or reusable display systems.
  • Producing reusable signage or the use of plasmas, projected or electronic signage to reduce production.
  • Producing all Trade Expo materials that are made from recycled/sustainable materials.
  • Ensuring Trade Expo communication is electronic format only, such as destination information and program of events.
  • Printing using recycled paper only.
  • Making travel to the event as carbon neutral as possible through the provision of carbon offsetting schemes.

ICMSA Sustainability Procurement Targets

For events under our management we have developed Sustainability Procurement Targets which include:

  • 100% of paper products from 100% post-consumer recycled or FSC Certified stock
  • 100% of coffee and tea sold/served from Rainforest Friendly or Fairtrade sources
  • 100% seafood sourced from sustainable sources
  • 80% of food and beverages served within 100 miles of the event venue
  • No packaged water at events (sold, brought-in or given away) with a focus on reusable cups and water stations
  • 100% of signage diverted from landfill
  • 100% of timber products from FSC or reclaimed sources
  • 100% of delegate accommodation contracts with hotels with sustainability credentials

Of the above targets, ICMS Australasia has met six of these targets after only one year of implementation (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and aims to reach goals seven and eight by the end of 2022.

ICMSA is also committed to sustainability with our staff and in our office procedures and practices.

These include:

  • Leasing office space whose owners are practicing – and improving – sustainability
  • Recycling of all paper products
  • Recycling food and beverage containers
  • Printing any documents double-sided
  • Using low-voltage office lighting and turning off lights and air-conditioning after hours
  • Encouraging the personal use of reusable plates, cups, mugs and other utensils