Hybrid Conferences With ICMS Australasia

ICMS Australasia combines the best of in-person conferencing with digital platforms

ICMS Australasia has now added a new Digital Conference Team to its full-service offering to assist in the management of future confirmed events during these uncertain times.

The ability to combine traditional live in-person meetings with on-line virtual components manages risk, extends program offerings, provides delegates with greater engagement and flexibility as well as provides important on-going revenue streams to Associations and Societies.

The new normal requires a team of experts who bring together knowledge of strategic event planning as well as technical competences.

The Digital Transformation

Virtual conferences need just as much people-power and organisation as in-person conferences.

Hybrid Meetings are not a new invention created as a result of COVID-19; in fact, they have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. As the name suggests, Hybrid Meetings amalgamate the best of in-person conferencing with a virtual on-line component, providing delegates with options and flexibility

Streaming technologies are becoming more advanced and reliable and we’re seeing a rise in web-based hosting platforms that cater to a wide range of meeting needs.  Hybrid events, allow us to adhere to gathering restrictions while capturing a larger audience base.

What tools do you need for your next hybrid event

ICMSA can focus on the various logistics involved, including policies, contracting, technology and marketing, all while maintaining beneficial relationships with clients and stakeholders.

ICMSA has the proficiency and professionalism to deliver business events in a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

The benefits you will experience include:

What tools do you need?

To make your virtual hybrid event a success we can help you to choose the right tools including:

  • Virtual event platform
  • Networking & matchmaking tool
  • Live stream tools
  • Participant engagement tools

Content is king: Conference digital legacies Connecting an even greater community to share knowledge and provide perspectives not traditionally accessible

ICMSA can build a conference legacy by ensuring all sessions are recorded and uploaded as on-demand content. This approach heightens the delegate experience by allowing delegates to experience all concurrent sessions at their convenience; a benefit not generally offered at in-person events.

Let ICMS Australasia deliver the best of both worlds

ICMSA’s delivery mechanisms include a seamless registration process; integrated program and agenda; multiple concurrent session set-up with livestream or pre-recorded webinars; speaker support and management with self-recording facilities; delegate messaging and chat options; live polling and Q&A; industry and sponsorship activities and tracking, measurement and analytics.

Each business event will benefit from the analytics, engagement and collaboration solutions and are designed to deliver an experience as close to a live event as possible.

How we will create your next hybrid event, step by step:

Standing out from the crowd

Shifting a business event from in-person to hybrid or virtual means finding the right technological platform to host the event.

What technology platform do we use?  EventsAir OnAIR

How does OnAIR work?

There are three primary ways we can prepare and delivery your virtual content in OnAIR:

  1. Fully Pre-Recorded
  2. Live Presentations
  3. Live Streaming and Archiving

ICMS Australasia’s OnAIR is a multi-faceted platform that lets you live stream or host on demand all aspects of a virtual event, including:

  • Virtual Sessions and Concurrent Sessions
  • One-to-One Meetings between Exhibitors and Attendees
  • Virtual Poster Sessions
  • Virtual Exhibitions
  • Virtual Networking Functions
  • Virtual Group Discussions
  • Ad hoc attendee to attendee video chats

OnAIR can provide flexibility and offers multiple approaches to virtual programming.

Additionally, OnAIR allows a variety of engagement options for virtual events, ensuring maximum flexibility and customisation. The most sought after options include:

  • Live Q&A
  • Live polling
  • Discussion forums
  • Conference Notes and exporting
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval
  • Brochure downloads from Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Paper downloads from presenters

Our ICMSA Digital Conference Team will provide support with:

  • Hybrid event planning and overall management, developing a financial plan and managing the hybrid event budget.
  • Shaping content and format into a suitable framework that integrates content into the technical platform and leveraging facilitation techniques designed to keep audiences engaged
  • Creating and implementing a communication and hybrid event marketing plan which helps set expectations and foster participation
  • Creating a digital sponsorship strategy
  • Acting as a liaison between the production team and/or the technical providers.
  • Managing and training speakers, panelists, moderators, and abstract presenters to use the digital techniques required to be brief, effective, maintaining attention levels and interacting in a virtual environment.
  • Analysing the behaviours of the virtual audience, assisting users on the journey and facilitating networking

A plan for the future:

Let’s continue the conversation.  Contact us today for further information and how we can add value to your event.

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