Hybrid meetings – a combination of in-person and virtual attendance – are anticipated to be the way of the future for meetings.

Like all meetings they require a high level of management for them to be successful, particularly because there are effectively two audiences who are receiving content differently – in the live environment and on their computer screen.

It is therefore imperative that content be presented and delivered in such a way that both forms of attendees are engaged and both possess the opportunity to interact with presenters and their colleagues.

Current discussion is that hybrid meetings have the ability to increase attendance, particularly for those who cannot travel to the live venue, and therefore also grow conference revenue.

This is a reality, however, ICMSA recommends that in achieving this there is the need for additional resources and hard costs, particularly in relation to audio visual requirements to capture and disseminate live presentations.

ICMCA can discuss with you your goals for your hybrid meeting and will provide the best solution to achieve your specific outcomes.