Fallon BeattyDirector Sponsorship and Exhibitions

Fallon has been an integral part of the ICMS Australasia team since 2004 and is committed as the Sponsorship and Exhibition Director to conferences through to 2020.

Her skill sets have been developed from her experience in managing large exhibitions and sponsorship portfolios associated with ICMS Australasia’s world and national conferences.

Fallon is a creative and energetic event operations specialist with years of experience working in fast pace environments where exceptional organisational sills are required. She handles staff, customers and contractors and is responsible for the accurate budgeting of our special events.

Fallon leads a team of people who possess excellent sales and logistical skills. She ensures that all aspects of the work of her department are managed in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Fallon strives to exceed client expectations and will work hard to customise a sponsorship and exhibition prospectus to attract a high level of commitment and the development of ongoing partnerships.