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For the first time, this World Parks Congress will collate and communicate the most compelling and inspiring solutions to global challenges, and chart a bold new course for the future. We are calling this enduring impact the Promise of Sydney.

Today we are launching a public consultation on the draft Vision for the Promise of Sydney. This is the principal document that will capture the outcomes of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014.

What is the Promise?

The Promise of Sydney will capture the boldest and most strategic thinking of governments, international organisations, communities, youth leaders, Indigenous Peoples, private entities and individuals. It will chart the future direction for protected areas and be supported with promises or undertakings from participants and institutions to accelerate the changes.

The scope

The Promise of Sydney will set a new direction to achieve a healthy future for protected areas over the next decade.

On the one hand, it will establish the case for the central role protected areas can play in halting the decline of global biodiversity. Equally importantly, in the face of ever-increasing challenges from climate change, it will position protected areas as critical to economic and community well-being and fundamental to meeting the world’s needs for food security. It will also suggest how we can employ innovative approaches to change and scale up the impact of our efforts in conjunction with all sectors.

Join the conversation now!

We welcome your constructive feedback on this draft. Your comments and ideas will go to the Promise of Sydney Team who will continue to work on this document. The final version will be a product of your input and the deliberations at the Congress and will be presented in the Closing Plenary in Sydney on 19 November 2014.

What will be your promise? Join the conversation!


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