Business as usual in unusual times

We appreciate that during this globally challenging time any planned meetings in the short-term are being delayed or possibly cancelled. At ICMS Australasia (ICMSA) six of our affected clients now have new dates that will occur in a window of September 2020 until June 2021. We are very grateful to our venue partners, suppliers and stakeholders to facilitate the transition of these events. Working collaboratively with our clients to ensure their meetings will achieve the objectives as set out at the commencement of our journey is at the forefront of our team. A long-standing client is pushing forward with original June 2020 dates and we are moving this entire event to an online platform. Exciting times!

Meanwhile, planning continues for our portfolio of events scheduled for late 2020, 2021 and beyond. Our organisation continues to work virtually and we are now meeting with our Local Organising Committees via online platforms.

We take this opportunity to also reinforce that ICMSA is the longest established Professional Conference Organiser in Australia, now in our 54th year. Our strength is in our decades of experience in dealing with crises that can affect the business events industry. The ICMSA forward calendar is in an extremely strong position. We have 15 conferences confirmed in 2021 that will attract over 13,000 delegates, in 2022 we have seven confirmed conferences hosting over 11,000 delegates and in 2023 we have six confirmed conferences totalling more than 9,000 delegates.

ICMSA has complete confidence in our business model knowing we will weather this current crisis. All of our 35 staff remain in pre-COVID19 employment conditions ensuring the high quality of service we are renowned for.

We will be ready for our clients to deliver benchmark events again when restrictions are lifted.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Bowyer
Managing Director
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